Vos es Hic Parumper Causa


Asteroid hunting group says powerful asteroids strike Earth surprisingly often
The B612 Foundation seeks to raise awareness of the threats posed by asteroids, even those that burn up in the atmosphere or over uninhabited parts of the Earth.

It is difficult to bear, what happened here.

For anyone feeling nostalgic

here’s a website for all the Gargoyles episodes (all of season 1 and 2, plus the beginning of the 3rd one)

you’re welcome :Y

see your guardian in action

The girls are back in town.



 Drawings by John Pusateri

New Zealand based artist John Pusateri creates near photo-realistic drawings of beautifully colored owls using pencils, charcoal, and pastels. Pusateri currently teaches in the Department of Architecture at Unitec New Zealand and currently has a number of works available through Seed Gallery.

o.o I didn’t know these are drawings until I read the comment